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Richard Erickson is a Mutli Media Conceptual Artist.

Richard Erickson was born and lives in Massachusetts. He has also lived in New Hampshire, and Ohio. And Pennsylvania too. When Richard was in the fifth grade he entered a Garden Club poster contest. His Prevent Erosion poster won first prize. And ever since he has worried about erosion. He has been influenced and inspired by Warren Zevon, Christopher Wilmarth, Todd Snider, Prof. Leroy Flint, the morning newspaper, Colin Wilson, summer, Milton Avery, and Richard Sheehan. And many other people too.

His work has been exhibited in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, New York City, Chilmark, Massachusetts, McSweeney’s Quarterly and Marfa, Texas. Other places too.

They Might Be Giants wrote a song about him and The NewYork Times said one of his photographs was a drawing. When he was in the Boy Scouts he earned 2 Merit Badges – Art and The Mile Swim. He is currently trying to figure outhow to make a large version of “Silverware Man Meets Fingernail File.”

Richard currently lives on Martha’s Vineyard, MA.

Portrait by Athalia Esty

All images ©Richard Erickson. All rights reserved.